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Home Escort gay puertorriquenos en accion. The oft quoted example is Alexis, the Baron de Rede, who was working in an antique shop in L. And that was in when a million truly was a king's ransom. Harold Acton's memoir of Nancy Mitford quotes an amusing letter of hers about some Parisan screamer who had unbuttoned his shirt at a society dinner party in the '50s to expose a ruby tassel running down his back with the words: A Room In Chelsea Square, a roman a clef by Michael Nelson about his experience of being kept by Peter Watson, the arts philanthropist, is every entertaining.

Watson could be Machiavellian, and it has some great moments. R25 - Just accept you're wrong about Gant's salary, R33 is absolutely correct. Starting salaries among the top 20 firms aren't vastly different. I thought he worked for a 2nd tier firm. Christopher Atkins was a "trick du jour" until his beauty faded and Travolta's career was on the skids until he dated a well connected attorney.

He got appearances on award shows, when he had done nothing for years, and out of the blue, landed Grease. And he was the star of the incredibly popular Welcome Back Kotter in the 's, which was his stepping stone to Hollywood. I can't imagine he had time to keep James Dean.

Ray fucked underage boys, but when his own underage son got fucked by Gloria Grahame, Ray's wife at the time , he was livid.

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Associates do not get paid according to what law school they graduated from. The law firms are run pretty much like monopolies. They almost all have the same salary steps within the same city or within the same region. Obviously top law school grads get into the top tier law firms but a first year associate is a first year associate. The big law firms can be very creative with fabulous perks however. They may hire you as a higher year associate e.

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Do not envy these young graduates. They earn every penny they make while working hellish hours. Of course, I'm not sure there's all that much work nowadays. Why not start your own thread instead of derailing this one, which isn't about what you keep posting about. Interesting story. About 10 years ago, I was at a private gay party in Santa Fe. There was a beautiful tall blonde guy flirting with me I didn't go for it, sorry that I didn't , but at the same time, Barry Diller he's very short, btw was checking me out. I didn't go for Barry either, because I left early, wonder if this is the blonde guy that Barry hooked-up with? The pissing contest about Georgetown and insert Ivy League name bores me.

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Keep the thread about hustlers. Btw, my brother-in-law went to Brooklyn Law School and is worth big, big money. Only silly queens give a shit about reputations. So ridiculous. Blue Agave once mentioned here that Brad Renfro was alleged to have "worked" for Joel Schumacher when the former was a child. Renfro also hustled Bryan Singer.

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That's just disgusting! This thread was a lot more interesting when it focused on fantasies about rent boys instead of fantasies about law school rankings. I'm trying to envision this. Was it a tattoo or a real tassel, and if the latter was it really made of rubies? Why a tassel? Did he say the words "not bad for a working girl" or was that part of the tattoo? And why was it on his back? I prefer the law scholl discussion to the more obvious and recurrent thread hijacking of whether Jake Gyllenalwhatever is gay.

Please more about the salaries of first year associates. I'm fascinated. Any eligibles in Mass or D. We know all there is to know about kept boys and male prostitutes. After all, darling, we are all whores. Ifyou don't know Keanu Reeves was an experienced user of the casting couch, you are apparently stupid.

To r94, I just graduated from a top 10 law school and the job market is still not good. The salary is at , annually if you get into big law firms. So chances are most people who want a big law job can't get one directly out of law school. Smaller firms or public services do not pay half as good. It really sucks.

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It wasn't easy to get into a top 10 law school in the first place. Many had good paying jobs before jumping into law school. Additionally, the K salary comes with K student loan and at least 10 hours billable hours per day. In the end, not a good investment with the current economic situation. Does anyone know about the relationship between Will Smith and his manager Benny Medina? In fact there's been a lot of stories about record company execs and young rappers that will do whatever it takes to be famous. When the guy wanted to end the relationship, Lourd said to him "people like you don't break up with people like me"-- DOH!

Straight gigolos abound in areas of Europe where wealthy older women live and vacation, such as Sicily. Read between the lines in Anne Heche's autobiography. She intimates that Richard Burgi was putting out for Doug Marland and other powerful men in the soap opera world in order to get work as an actor while they were living together and engaged.

I believe it although the woman is batshit crazy! R I would've said "Yeah, well people like you don't marry people with vaginas. But you did.

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And I AM breaking up with you. I was in Paris for Christmas vacation after spending a year abroad in Rome. We met at the IDM Baths of all places. We had a great time there and then continued on to his apartment.

Wenner and Nye have been partnered for 15 years and have three children together in addition to the three Wenner had with his ex-wife. He dated Cher. Gay and you don't have long been associated with elon musk. Oh R, thanks for throwing in "sod off" so we know you're British. Very few woman pay for sex so Al must be full of shit. Of course it's prostitution.

The next day I checked out of my hotel and spent the rest of my time with him. When my departure day arrived, he actually cried and asked me to stay -- which I did for the next three years. He was very smart and well-connected in the Paris design world. We went out constantly and I was really just there for him to show off -- most of his friends didn't really talk to me.

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So, it was exciting to go to all of these nice restaurants and parties, but kind of lonely too. He changed my outlook on life, my aesthetic, and when I got out on my own and started an art gallery and bought my own home, so much of their concept and collection were an extension of what I learned from him. I have a friend who was a Diller favorite in the early 80's, R He was a tall, blonde dancer. Barry was very generous, and they stayed friends after they split.

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Barry also paid some of his medical bills when he was dying of AIDS. I am kept by my partner right now if you really want to get technical about it Why would Nicholas Cage ever be a prostitute? Were the Rockefeller sons prostitutes too?